Price monitoring for ecommerce and brands

Price Monitoring for Ecommerce and Brands

Athena offers you the latest technology to monitor your competitor’s prices, using dynamic pricing strategies, in order to make more effective pricing decisions that increase your sales and margins.

Automate your pricing decisions and PPC campaings

Elevate your ecommerce success with our smart tools:

  • Dynamic Pricing

  • Price Intelligence

  • Competitors Price Monitoring

  • Repricing

  • Google Shopping Management

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Competitor price analysis in different sectors

Athena allows you to set pricing strategies for each product based on competitors, demand, stocks, costs, seasonality, and more.

Our systems record every day millions of products, from +50 contries in order to get detailed information about different categories. 


“It has been an excellent decision to use Athena’s tools. It allows us to work at a granular and intelligent level, maximizing margins without the need of lowering our prices.”

Helena Camps

Marketing Manager

“Athena has made much easier for us to fix a dynamic price. We can have an accurate and complete view of our competitors easily, saving us time, resources and mistakes.”

Albert Castells

Pricing Manager