Dynamic Pricing

With Athena your prices will be optimized to maximize your profits.

Make a difference with your competitors, adding intelligence in the management of your business.


Price Intelligence

Price Intelligence made easy with useful Dashboards and Rules.

Automatically set the best price for each product based on demand, stock, vendors, competitors, and more. 

Competitors Price Monitoring

Stay one step ahead, tracking your competitor’s prices and inventory.

Be always of changes in your top selling products among your competitors.



Update thousands of prices automatically and as many times you need, using your own rules (margins, costs…).

Avoid classic errors like setting prices below cost and mis-managing categories. With Athena your catalog and your vendor data will always be in sync.

Google Shopping Management

Convert more shoppers more efficiently.

You can allocate time and budget resources more efficiently and benefit from automation processes integrated withing your Shopping Ads accounts.

You gain more control over bidding strategies and transparency in the form of performance insights for each query type.

This way, you’re able to assess potentials that have not been explored yet.

Athena augments your ability to build, manage, and optimize your Google Shopping campaigns. It delivers this by producing individual, predictive evaluations and automated bids for each of your products.